Book Review: The Doorknob Society by MJ Fletcher

Title to be reviewed: The Doorknob Society
Author: MJ Fletcher

It would be very easy to give this book a lower star rating because of the somewhat irritating spelling & grammar errors. Except no matter how annoying the mistakes were, they simply didn't detract from the story. I figured if I can read most of my non-native English speaking friends posts and even some of the native speakers posts online everyday I can overlook some bad grammar and obvious spelling mistakes when the book is this good, with or without the mistakes. 

In fact I think the simple fact the author is self-published and the reviews are as good as they are, is a testament to just how much readers can and will overlook when the overall book is this freaking good. I've read some truly annoying writing (Fifty Shades) and honestly the blatant spelling/grammar issues here are so minor in comparison that it really is a non-issue if you can look past it. Pretend you got an ARC copy or the editor really needs to step up his/her game. 

As far as the genre goes - steampunk at it's finest. THIS is what a steampunk novel should be. This is more than just adding gears and calling it a day. What an amazing ride and I WILL be buying the rest of the series as soon as I have money to do so.

Date finished: January 7 2015

If you can ignore the grammar & spelling issues, which given independent publishing status, shouldn't be impossible, you should find this a worthwhile wonderful escape!


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