Fractal Art - Tutorial Testing Week #4 Week of 1/26/11

This one was fairly easy and I produced a few different examples though only one is shown here at this time mostly because of longer render times are causing me to be slow to get a lot of rendering done as my laptop has been needed for other purposes when I'm awake.

This is the only one I have fully rendered, background added, and edited. The tutorial is:
Apophysis Foci Tutorial by juggalo5

You'll need apophysis 7x latest version which on my system is an installed program - that is i find it in the start menu. Other versions of apo you don't necessarily get it installed just find the app in the folder it came in/you saved it in each time you use it.

Of all the ones I've done so far it allowed for the most fun and play without a lot of really knowing the program inside & out.

Here's the original I created with the tutorial with the previous photo being one of my own tweakings of the the tutorial.



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