Fractal Art - Tutorial Testing Week 3 - week of 1/19/11

Since the tutorial I've chosen for week three is a 14 page tutorial unlike the previous 1/2 page ones I figured I should start early. So maybe its cheating but with everything going on in the family it is possible I'll be too busy with other things to fully devote all of week 3 to finishing this one tutorial so I figured it would be in my best interest to start working on it now.

This tutorial again is one I found on deviant art through the #apophysis group.
If you're playing along you'll need a different version of apophysis than was used for the last tutorial. This time apo 7x (simply means it was designed to be compatible with Windows 7 users but works on all systems as far as I know - it works on Vista for sure as that's what I have)
Apo 7x.14 - is the direct download link - some users may find this installs an actual program on your system others may not - it depends on your OS I think.
I'm using Apo7x 2010 (not sure what the difference is) but we'll see if mine works - it should given that the tutorial was written about the time I got my copy. Again the program is 100% free:)

So the tutorial I'm following: apochess_tutorial_by_terranceman-d2yk4zb.rar - if you follow along/complete/or do this tutorial in anyway please stop by the author's site on dA and give him a thank you.
The post for the tutorial is found here: Terranceman @ DeviantArt

I'd done the tutorial through creating the chess pieces (pawns) twice and never could get the bottom part of the pieces to look right (ie look like they do in the tutorial).

Finally after a lot of trying last night I finally had success:

So while I did start this back on the 19th of January it has taken me until now to get it right.


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