Fractal Art - Tutorial Testing Day 1

Per my resolution for new years - I plan to get better at doing a fractal tutorial at least once a week - and in the interest of sharing the world of fractals with others I'm going to blog my efforts - and share links to the programs, tutorials etc that I use.

Day 1: January 7th 2011 - Mandelbulb3d

The program in question is Mandelbulb3d - one I'd never heard of, let alone used prior to trying this tutorial. This program is sheer genius...and the tutorial I used is really easy to follow for anyone - even beginners.

First off I had to get the program - and you can too - FREE - here: Mandelbulb3d V 1.67
This is a direct link to the download - when you download, save it someplace easy to find - mine is something like C:\Owner\FractalTesting - pick an easy place to find it. The program doesn't install - its a zip file - you unzip it and then there's a program you open every time you want to use it. It comes pre-loaded with some params (parameter files). Each fractal program uses its own file extension so bear this in mind when downloading & saving things.

I save everything to its own folder based on the program I'm working in that day. I regularly use apophysis (it has its own folder for all its goodies), and now I have a folder for Mandelbulb3d - and its goodies.

Next if you want to do this tutorial just like I did - go here: Mandelbulb3d Tutorial 2 - by Haltenny on dA - if you use the tutorial - and are a registered DA member, please say thank you to the submitter, and subscribe if you wish.

My first try - was using the tutorial exactly - and here's the result: - the first photo is the full version - as rendered by the program. (It took 37 minutes to render on my system - if you have a slower computer it may take longer - render just before you go to bed or something...if you have a fast system - you know it won't take very long)

The 2nd image is a cropped & zoomed section from the middle right of the original...the 3rd is a cropped, zoomed & rotated image from the left edge of the original (this one also has some color adjustment).

TADA!! My first try at a new fractal type using a new program.

I did play one more time with the Spudsville parameters mentioned in the tutorial - but I made my own creation - different from the tutorial version. *MAKE SURE YOU SAVE your parameters regularly - undo in this program is a bit different from undo in most programs* each time you make a change - if you want - just in case- you can always delete the ones you don't want to save at a later time when you're done playing with that particular rendition.

Anway here's the 2nd image:
This one looks like yams underground to me - maybe its the coloring...I like the original better - I'll play more with this program as time goes on that's for sure.

and a cropped version of this new design:

Make sure you view the full version of each image - right click - view image - will get you a larger image to view the full details.

I think I'm going to play some more in this program and see what I get.

My resolution was to do 1 tutorial a week - so 52 new blogs from me - I may increase this and post more tutorial attempts and more tries on here or I may just post the trials to my fb photo album relating to this topic. If you do try something of your own - please share - even if its just a link to a post on deviant art in your comment on here:)

I look forward to drawing more of you into the addicting world of fractals.



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