Animal Husbandry according to Etsians

Technically the title is wrong - its more like redefining animal origins according to etsians...but tonight I discovered an interesting if freaky phenomena in etsy's search.

I searched for the base word DUCK...hoping to find duck, ducky, duckie, ducks, etc you get the idea.

What I got was 9,000 results or something like that.

Oddly enough when I looked over the items in the listings I found ducks, and hippos, dogs, cats, an anteater, bunnies, chickens, roosters, a giraffe, a couple of moose, a pen, a moustache, a plate (without a duck on it), flowers, a church (again no ducks in the photo)...simply put I seriously didn't know all of these animals had any relation whatsoever to ducks...

And not only that but some of those items aren't animals at all...

And people on etsy wonder why their items don't sell - maybe because you're tagging things with the wrong damn animal, thing etc...Learn your animals before you join etsy...maybe that would help..?? - yep those are all ducks - I really should stop eating paste as a late night snack - and apparently so should most estians.


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