Shipping Guide - Overview of Series

I want to start out by clarifying that the contents of this series of blogs are based around what works for me and what I've found is the best way to package items to best present the items for shipment via US Postal Service to customers within the US, though most of the info contained herein can be applied to US shipments out of the US - the only things that won't apply will come near the end of the blog series.

This is only part one of a multi-part blog aimed at teaching others how to improve & organize their shipping department - even if you are a one person business - shipping if done well can be a single area of your workspace, organized & efficient. It also can eliminate what some people find to be an annoying chore - even though it is the second most vital part of their business - behind making the product - that is getting the product to the customers. Do so with efficiency, ease, and organization and you'll find things flow smoother, faster and you won't mind shipping nearly as much after you follow these blogs.

These blogs will cover a variety of topics and the blogs will be spread out over a week or so to give you a chance to implement some of what I've suggested.
Topics will include:
Overhead - what is it, how do you figure it in - and how not including it in your final item pricing could be costing you money out of pocket and keeping your business from succeeding.
Organization of Shipping Department: How to improve efficiency and keep shipping from being a chore you despise
Money Saving tips on how to save money in the long run, Will include tips on recycling packaging and more. This will include a tutorial on how to save $ for your customers too - keep your delivery confirmation costs low - and allowing you to put delivery confirmation on EVERY domestic package you ship.
A step by step Tutorial on how I package items for shipment.(This will be a separate blog due to being very photographically intense.)

If you're at all interested in a more detailed analysis of how to figure your own pricing for your items - to make the most of your product, without over or undercharging you're welcome to convo me on etsy about a custom cost analysis for $10 I'll walk you through the steps to reprice most everything in your shop - that is everything that is handmade. I do not offer this service for vintage merchandise as it is not an area I have expertise in.

The next blog - Overhead and how it could be costing you $ out of your pocket - will be posted within the next day or so as time permits me to finish writing the blog.

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