Attn Fiber Artisans

This is just a neat little thought from frawggie the allergic to all you fiber artists out there.

Please for the sake of people with wool allergies everywhere - if you want to sell more of your items - don't limit yourself to just making hats, scarves, mittens, arm warmers, shrugs, shawls etc out of wool. You're losing potential business because you're limiting yourself to just one material, that many people are allergic to.

I can barely manage to touch SOME types of wool. Merino in lower than 50% concentrations - combined with other non-sheep origin materials. Sure other materials may cost more and may not be as warm as wool but I almost guarantee if you expand your fiber content from just wool to even one other type of fiber your sales would increase.

Many people who see fiber artists only working in wool - won't ask for/about other types of fiber being available because we've been told before 'that NO, you only work in wool because its affordable, dyeable, or you spin it yourselves. So we don't ask and you lose potential sales. Rayon from Bamboo, silk, cotton, recycled acrylic (caron brand has a nice one that's really soft when washed), blends of the above - mix & match, try new things, find more customers - make more sales.

This has been a non-specific targeted message brought to you by frawggie the itchy...erm no frawggie the wool. I love knitted things because I suck at knitting...but most knitters I know only work in wool or low end acrylic...both are equally annoying to my skin...I'm sensitive - but I LOVE Soft silky fibers - especially the microfiber acrylics out now...*ribbit*


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