When Companies Fail to Uphold Their Termination Policies: Tophatter & my story -

Several years ago I got involved with Tophatter.com. I hated every lasting minute of it but it was right after Etsy threw me out and told me my money wasn't good there. I bought a few things, tried to sell some stuff and eventually gave up on Tophatter because of the immature nature of the managers running the tophatter website. I gave up and didn't go back for over a year.

When I went back after getting a promotional coupon to use on a future purchase (which had a 3 day use window but wasn't included in the email) I got into an auction only to find out I had been muted & couldn't bid because of something I had done months before (except I never logged in during that time, and they verified that I had no log-ins during that time) - yet they'd muted me - and made it so I basically couldn't use their site to purchase as anything I typed was rejected. As such, I couldn't buy, and I couldn't sell. I paid my fees in 2013 and tried to cancel my account. I heard nothing from tophatter.com for over a year.

And then on January 15th 2015 I got an email for $10 off a future purchase (again with a very short expiration date which wasn't in the email). I clicked the coupon anyway and went to the page for my account. And lo-and-behold there's my account as if I had done NOTHING in 2013 when I paid off my fees and closed my account. Paypal says yes in 2013 I paid the same amount to Tophatter as they were showing again was sitting in my account overdue. Frustrated I paid again because I wanted out. I figured maybe I missed the actual cancelling the account in 2013. So I paid again and cancelled the account. I got an email from paypal saying I paid, but never a confirmation from Tophatter saying I paid. But nevertheless I was able to cancel my account on 1/15/15. Or so I thought.

Today 1/28/15 I get 3 emails from tophatter over the last week all with $ for future purchases coupons in them. Funny I don't have an account with them. I read the fine print "you receive this email because you're registered on tophatter.com" NO. I. Am. Not. Only that's not true. Click the link and am immediately taken back to a link showing I'm still registered with TH and that I have resubscribed to all the emails on their list.

So today 1/28/15 I'm re-screenshotting things. I'm changing my password to something completely random, and will be sending all of my screenshots, complaints and double payment receipts to the state attorney general in hopes something can be done about this company and their failure to remove me from their mailing list, their failure to terminate my account after three tries, and their horrible customer service.

Today I changed my pw, unsubscribed from emails - and then cancelled my account. Then I tried using the unsubscribe button on the email - if they cancelled my accoun it SHOULD have gone to a 404 page and not logged me into an account I just deleted.

But no it logged me back in - and then showed me as still subscribed to all their emails. ALL OF THEM - that I just unsubscribed to moments before and screenshotted it all - including the time stamps on the corner of my computer screen.

DO NOT under any circumstances get yourself involved with this company they'll just keep spamming you long after you've expressed interest in no longer dealing with them.

I will be calling the state AG tomorrow while I'm at work concerning the underhanded practices of this company.


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