Book Review: Gears of Brass Anthology by Jordan Elizabeth

I wanted to love it. I love steampunk. I didn't love this book. I tried and tried and tried. The short , stories were too short and didn't leave me feeling like they were finished at all. A few of the stories were good but could've been better. I admit I gave up after about half way. I just couldn't continue reading little nuggets that left me wondering why they stopped when and where they did.

Clockwork Dollhouse, Zeus' Fire, Clockwork Wolf, Lana's End were my favorites that I did read, but I wish they were all more well concluded - like Clockwork Dollhouse. 

I also wish the titles were a bit more varied and a bit more creative topic wise. 

A note on formatting - I read on a kindle fire hd - in black background white text. I hated having to stop reading and reset the text to black on white or sepia to see the author's name and next title in the sequence. This problem is one of the main reasons I stopped reading this title and gave up when I did. Having to repeatedly alter the book so I could see what I was reading, frustrated me. An extra page or even a simple chapter-type heading format 'author name - title" between titles would've gone a long way to making me want to keep reading even if the stories were horribly abruptly concluded.


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