There Was Joy: A Memorial to Jon H Lindquist

There was joy. 

It was the way my uncle lived his life. 

Jon Henry Lindquist, retired firefighter, former Fire chief, business owner, whose business will continue on with his name still on the sign. Dedicated husband, father, son, grandfather, and uncle. He built a car and raced at local dirt tracks for many years. He was a devoted follower of Nascar, and the NY Yankees. Devout Christian, humble servant to his Lord. 

He's finally free of pain after many, many years of suffering. Polymyositis for over two decades, then cancer which is what ultimately cost him his life. The chemo/radiation just stopped working. He fought more than anyone I've seen fight. He was fine 2 weeks ago, and passed away last Thursday evening at about 8 pm.

He lived to see his youngest daughter get re-married, and to see that she married a good man whom he liked. He lived to see his 51st wedding anniversary (September 1st) of this year. 

He is survived by his wife of 51 years, his father, aged 98, his two sisters, and brother (my father), three female children and their spouses and children, I am his only niece, there are no nephews. He was predeceased by his son (1986), his sister (shortly after her birth in the 50s), and his mother in 2002.

Despite the words above mostly from the obituary, there are some of my own, despite the sorrow of a life lost to cancer, there was joy. Despite the tears, the loss, the void in our lives. Despite everything.

There was joy, simply by remembering his life. The world is a darker place, but our lives were so unbelievably richer, for having had him in them.

There was joy, because he lived.

RIP, uncle Jon.



Unknown said...

Beautifully written. Sounds like from his spark, many more lights, including yours, now light way.
Don't think the world is darker without him in it. Rather, think of how much brighter it is now, because of him.

My Dad passed from cancer and I couldn't help but be very touched by your words.

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