Facebook FanPage: How to Remove/Edit an App from your page.

This is a quick & dirty tutorial on how to remove an app from your fan page.

This is just a generic tutorial on removing most any app from your fan page, and not pertaining to a specific one. Some apps may be slightly different. If you have issues you're welcome to email me at frawgz.dezignz@gmail.com and I can try & test the specific app and help you remove the app safely and with a minimal headache.

First navigate to the fan page the app is installed on (as shown here my fan page and my admin panel at the top and the location of the apps on the page at the bottom).

Next Choose the app you want to edit:
Mouse over the + button next to the app you want to edit or remove - and you'll get a new menu to appear...

Now when you can choose to either edit the app (some apps you can remove through the edit settings option) some you actually have to do this FIRST and then remove the app from favorites. Mostly its trial and error as each app is different.

Either way its quite simple to remove the app in question (unless the app's coding has some sort of trick to keep you signed up - if during removal you get pop ups asking questions, read them carefully before clicking OKAY or continue).

That should be all there is to it.
-hopefully this helps someone-



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