Words of Encouragement

Sorry I've not been around this year - being sick since more or less since Christmas - and finally just going to the ER last night has kept me from keeping up with things like I would like to.

Knowing the stress I've been under - several friends have been under worse. So here's a playlist of videos (with or without lyrics) that have helped me get through the hard stuff.

If you could use a word of encouragement or twenty - these are for you.
No thanks are needed - just know that you're not alone and you can and will get through whatever you're going through. Just like I will - no matter how hard it is, no matter how much I'd rather be snoring right now than wide awake twitching from a fever :)

These are for you:

*most of this is rock - and I'll warn if there's a language warning that could get you in trouble at work*

Its not often I can say go check out the ENTIRE album by a band but go to youtube and type in "Redlight King" look up songs like "Bullet in my Hand" "Combeback" or "Built To Last" these are just a few songs on an overall great album that is suitable for anyone of all ages - there are about 7 repeats of single swear words in the choruses of some songs. But the words are used to make point rather than for random insertion. They really do fit the songs in which they happen. I'll link a couple but I'd like if you go check out the full album - it may just make your day :)

Now for something different - one of my all time favorite versions of this song. (I<3 Myles Kennedy AND Slash together)...

Late 80s early 90s hair band - but probably my all time feel-better song - Lyric video:

This song holds a lot of personal meaning for me - its not the safest video for sensitive folks - so you've been warned "Blue October - Hate me"

Another song with a lot of meaning for me (the book I found this in is called "Broken" by Megan Hart - the book is NOT PG in any way shape or form - it should be listed as erotica - but the song is worth a listen anyway - no there's no swearing, nothing that bad. It depends on your work...if they'll yell at you for it.

A bit of country for those so inclined - I caught this on tv one day - it fits here:

Hopefully WMG doesn't yank this one too:

An awesome cover of a classic:

Christian Rock - Another song that holds special meaning to me:

For those who have a toxic person or people in their life - hand them this song when you kick their plague to the curb!:)

That should be enough for now - most of these are things I've found helpful over the years. Nothing should auto play it should just load the videos. (i hope - you may have to open the page and let it load for a while...sorry) But I hope someone finds it a useful list.

I'm off to walmart to get the meds I desperately wanted 12 hrs ago.


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