Review: BKD Signature Soy Candles

Item to be reviewed: three different Soy candles

Contact info: BKD Signature
Price: (3) 2oz candles for $9 + $3.50 shipping

Customer service: wonderful. I ordered her sample sized candles in 2oz containers, I requested three different scents. Turn around time was really good too.
Item name/seller's description of scent:
I ordered one each of Cranberry Citrus, Stormwatch and white lily & amber

What it smelled like/global review: The cranberry citrus was a gift for my mother. Mom hasn't burnt it yet so I can't attest to how she liked it. But the scent in the container smelled like mulled cranberry cider with warm citrus notes and spicy hints of cinnamon. Stormwatch is mine. I'm almost out. I've burnt most of the candle but it has lasted a good while. I burn this while I'm sitting in my work space creating my own pretties. A stronger scent I like and it helps cover up some of the exposed concrete smells in the basement work space.
White Lily & Amber is packed away in my feast basket for an upcoming event. I wanted something with a light subtle fragrance that wouldn't overpower the food but would provide a light fragrance to set the mood.

Packaging/wrapping: Candles were wrapped with care in bubble wrap & tissue paper to ensure safe delivery. The items themselves are sample sized and simply packaged. Which is fine with me. Brushed aluminum two part containers with simple burning instructions and fragrance on the bottom. Nothing fancy but they're meant to smell good not sit and look pretty. Utilitarian without being pretentious. Suitable for my mom's home, my craft space or my medieval period events.

Ingredients: Soy wax & fragrance oils.

Testing: See above in my fragrance description

Pros: Affordable, long lasting, quality scents, soy wax so there's no black soot residue from the burning. Helps keep my work area cleaner.

Cons: none that I can think of

Overall result:
10 out of 10


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