Review: Daily Repose Handcrafted Soap - Chai Tea

This item was received through my November/December SamplerVillage - Lavish box. I qualified for a free charming box because I sent in 100 samples but I upgraded and paid an additional $25 to get the Lavish box - which means more samples.

Item to be reviewed: Daily Repose Unscented Chai Tea handcrafted soap
Company/Seller info: See above link or Daily Repose on Facebook - as I listed in the last review there's a great description from the seller right on her fan page.

Price: pricing varies from $3.50/bar to around $16 for gift baskets and gift certificates are available on her etsy as well.

Customer service:  - not needed - this was a sample through Sampler Village

Item name/seller's description of scent: UNSCENTED: Just the pure scent of natural soap with maybe a bit of scent from the tea & cocoa.

What it smelled like/global review: While truly unscented this does have a warming spicy scent from the tea used to make the soap. Tazo brand organic chai tea is used to make the soap - the tea is made with Black tea, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, cardamom, star anise, and cloves. - I like the tea used to make the soap so I think this makes a wonderful non-scent for a light soap. It sort of reminds me of the spice packet used to scent mulled cider. The addition of cocoa powder makes a sweet chocolatey finish to this lovely soap

Packaging/wrapping: The same simple brown paper and white scalloped edge packaging. The inner package was the cut bar of soap, simple wrap and a dark brown ribbon tied around both to finish the presentation. Very cute but without being overly girly. This would make an awesome gift for a guy who can't handle strong scents but can tolerate all of the ingredients included in the soap. The packaging is elegant but not overly feminine - great for men or women.

Ingredients: Saponified oils of Olive, Coconut, Grapeseed, Almond, Castor, & Canola, water, cocoa powder, Brewed Tazo brand Organic Chai tea (Black tea, ginger root, cinnamon, black pepper, cardamom, star anise & cloves)

Testing: This soap is just lovely. While not suitable for those with nut or chocolate allergies I'm lucky I'm not allergic to either of those. Rich creamy lather, great warm spicy scent without coming across as a scented soap. Using natural scents given off by the spices included in the tea there's nothing artificial about this soap in any way. Soap is cold processed same as all of the soap made by this shop and you can't tell. Its well cured, very hard, clean cuts, and lasts a good period of time if you follow the suggestions to keep it in a draining soap dish.

Great for those with sensitive skin and can't use some fragrances or essential oils due to skin conditions
great packaging - suitable for men or women as gifts or for yourself
while unscented there is a subtle spicy fragrance to this imparted by the ingredients - throws true
the sample size is smaller and is great for small hands but the larger size would be good for anyone of any age
Rich creamy lather, non-drying, and the spicy scent lingers with you for a while, great for hot showers in the dead of winter followed up with curling up under blankets with a good book and a hot mug of tea.

Cons: Not necessarily a con but if the customer is allergic to chocolate, nuts or sensitive to any of the spices used in the chai tea - it could be a problem. Just read the ingredients before purchasing.

Overall result: 10 of 10

As this is the second bar of soap I've received samples of from Daily Repose I cannot wait to try others, and she has a lot of variety to choose from. Great scents, great lather, overall a great soap and company.

-the frawg


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