Review: Daily Repose Handcrafted soap: Lemonade

This soap involved in this review and the one to come after it were received as part of the September and November/December sample boxes from SamplerVillage.

Item to be reviewed: Lemonade Lightly Scented Handcrafted soap from Daily Repose

Company/Seller info: See link above or Daily Repose on Facebook - the following blurb is copied direct from the facebook page: "Daily Repose soaps are always Vegan, Soy-Free and Palm- Free. Though they are not certified GMO-Free, I put every effort into making them so. I sell 100% Natural Soaps and 98% Natural Soaps.
They are made from scratch, the old-fashioned way, using the Cold Process Method in small batches.

Price: ranges from $3.50/bar to $16 for gift baskets - her etsy shop also features gift certificates for that hard to choose for gift

Customer service: I have not had to deal with customer service as this soap and the one I received in another box and will be reviewing later but I belong to several facebook groups with the person behind Daily Repose and she's a delight to work with and a pleasure to communicate with on other topics. I doubt customer service would be a problem should the need arise.

Item name/seller's description of scent: For this review I'm covering her Lemonade scent. Sellers site states
* NATURALLY SCENTED SOAPS: Although pure natural essential oils are very potent, they are also volatile, which means they tend to evaporate. These soaps have a very soft, subtle fragrance. As the soap ages, the essential oils will evaporate off the outer layer of the bar. However, the oils remain inside the soap and as you use it in your shower or bath the lovely subtle scent will return.

What it smelled like/global review: It smelled very lightly of lemon but had a sweet finish that reminded me of a lightly flavored glass of lemon water - not strong like lemonade but lemon infused water. Really quite pretty and uplifting.

Packaging/wrapping: The sample is a full sized 2.4oz bar of soap - great for us with smaller hands. Unfortunately I can't include photos of this one in the wrapping as I'd used it when I first got the sample box in September, and there's almost nothing left of the soap but the simple wrap packaging which I loved. All of her soaps come wrapped in plain brown paper with a pretty white scalloped edging. There's an outer wrapping that came on the other soap - which you'll be able to see photos of in the next review. Packages all contain a note that reads "For a longer lasting bar, allow to drain between uses, use a draining soap dish & keep away from direct streams or pools of water." - all packages also include a note to 'please recycle packaging' - which is nice.

Ingredients: Saponified oils of Olive, coconut, grapeseed, castor & canola, water, Lemon & Lemongrass Essential oils, Tumeric

Testing: There isn't much to say other than I used the soap as soon as I'd gotten it. September was still a hot one here in Indiana and as such I took a few showers to cool off and enjoyed the light refreshing fragrance of this soap while I did so. This has been one of my staple soaps in the bathroom since I received it. Its great to use to wake up and feel refreshed, or to give the skin a light kiss of lemony fragrance without being horrendously overpowering.
The soap was very well cured, there was never any doubt as the soap was good and solid, and has lasted a long time. It sits in the general soap dish in the bathroom and everyone has enjoyed using the natural lightly fragranced soap.

Pros: Scent is light and not overpowering
color is natural and light
bar size is smaller, perfect for those of us with small hands
bar lasted a long time through nearly constant use
scent throws true
packaging is wonderful, recyclable and simple without being plain or ordinary
my skin never got dried out with the use of this soap so it got used more often

Cons: I've almost run out and the scent is no longer listed on her etsy site - not really a con. But I do enjoy the scent and think others will too - even though its the dead of winter.

Overall result: 10 out of 10 - there's nothing bad I can say about this soap.


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