Choosing a new charity to support - need your help

**Note as of 3/5/11 only 2 charities have replied with 'yes its ok to post on your shop that you donate to us.' So those two are: TWLOHA - since they're more youth oriented they want people to know that kids/young people are donating to them; and the local animal shelter; all others do not want donations made unless everything is kept private - that is I can't post a blog that I'm donating $x to so & so's charity.

If you've suggested a different charity - email me: - with contact info regarding who I should contact about donations and whether its ok to post in a public area of my shop that I'm doing a $1 from every item sold donation to x charity' once i've decided who I'll support.

Odd for all the ones begging for money they sure don't want people to advertise that they're doing so. *END UPDATE*

Due to a difference of opinions between myself and the last charity I had offered to donate $1 from every item sold in my etsy shop for the remainder of 2011 I've withdrawn my support from that charity, which shall remain nameless and their site will not be linked to by me in any way - again.

So its time for me to move on. My pledge will be the same. $1 from every single item sold in my etsy shop FrawgzDezignz on etsy through the end of 2011 - or something similar - which may depend on which charities get the most votes if there are multiple ones with the same vote count...I'll post the results of the voting and the results of what I finally choose to do in another blog.

You can vote below. Pick as many as you think are a good idea - or just one - but please do pick something. I do ask that you view the websites of each site before making a random decision based on the one you're most familiar with by name. Each one is unique - do your research and help me choose based on an informed decision.
(the submit button is below the last option - you'll probably have to scroll down within the survey to find the button to submit your answers)
The links are:
To write love on her arms -
Wounded Warrior project -
IAVA - Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans Association -
White River Humane Society -
National MS Society -

I've donated in the past to Operation Helmet, TWLOHA, WWP, Soldier's angels and I've been a supporting care package/penpal through AAP in the past as well just so everyone's clear on which ones I'm most familiar with and which ones I've worked with in the past.

Other suggestions/comments can be made using the comment form.

Thank you in advance for your help in choosing a new charity to support.


Shasta said...

I feel your pain in deciding. These are high profile organizations and all have good and bad qualities. I think in the end you will choose well.

Anonymous said...

I'd say "Soldiers' Angels", but check around. Ask questions. There are many good organizations out there...

Anonymous said...

Hope you don't mind, but I retweeted this.

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