Donation Update - Helping a local group

Effective today 3/6/11, I've figured out what to do as far as donations go. I emailed every charity in the survey below and not one was willing to let me 'advertise' the fact I was donating to their charity on sites in my name (my facebook, my fan page on fb, my blog here, my etsy shop). They all wanted the donation to be made without any explanation that I was donating anything to their organization(s). The only exception being the local Humane Society. They didn't care one way or another - in fact they encouraged me to share that I was donating to them especially if I were to be doing local shows and could encourage folks to adopt rather than paying for a pet at a pet store.

All the others wanted the $ but didn't feel it was permissible for me to post info to MY sites where I advertise my shop in general - which is fine - their losses.

I have a solution. I've emailed the person I would need to and got a confirmation that yes its acceptable.

From this day forward $1 from every item over $10 sale price will be donated to the SCA Shire of Mynydd Seren Rapier Fencing Community. The items and my shop have no direct connection to the SCA or the shire of Mynydd Seren. I am making this donation of my own free will and out of the desire to see more quality equipment and armor supplied to new rapier fencers who wish to come out and practice with our shire.

The items are not produced by the SCA nor does the SCA have any say in my shop, my blog, facebook page (personal) or business fan page on facebook or my twitter account. Every item is handmade by me and all donations will be made on a monthly basis.

I do trades out of my etsy shop - and will start posting any trades with the word TRADE in the title of the trade so that there's no confusion over a paying order vs a trade. Trades do not bring in monetary income, instead being an exchange of goods at value between shops. I do this mostly to get supplies I need to make new items. So from today forward all products sold in my etsy shop, in the Venue Art Gallery and the farmer's market in Orleans, IN $1 from every item I sell priced $10 or greater will be donated to the Shire of Mynydd Seren Rapier Fencing Community.

To learn more about the SCA go here: - if you have questions and want to know the area (shire/barony/etc) that falls where you live feel free to message me I'll be glad to point you to the website for the group in your area or you can use the search engine on the site above.

The website for the Shire of Mynydd Seren - which covers the area where I live can be found here: Shire of Mynydd Seren - Middle Kingdom

My etsy shop can be found here:
I'll be posting a link to the Shire in the "Sponsors" section - which if I can figure out how will be renamed "Sites I Like".

The Shire of Mynydd Seren is hosting a major event in the summer of 2011. the Known World Dance Symposium VIII will be held on the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington IN July 1-3, 2011. You can learn more about this event here: Known World Dance Symposium VIII If you like dancing of any type please look into attending this event. You can also find this event on facebook here: KnownWorldDance on Facebook

Thank you all for your suggestions & support in choosing a new charity to support. I hope with sales, the funds I donate can be used to purchase fabric to make new loaner armor for fencers, and possibly in the longer run even buy a new blade or two for use of those new to the game, but most notably new armor as the items the shire currently has in its loaner gear bin are exceptionally small. Each piece of armor must be puncture tested and can require up to 3 layers of linen or other heavy duty materials though linen is the most common. Linen is not cheap - and 3 layers times 6 yards can add up very fast in cost. The funds I plan on donating from my sales will go first & foremost to providing new armor - provided someone in the shire is willing to do the sewing (though I may end up doing the sewing as well at no charge since I do know how & I have several patterns).

As always if you have questions or concerns you can email me at:

Thank you again.


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