When Friends Make Us Cry

I know I'll probably get flack for posting this here as its not about jewelry making or business stuff, but its something that needs to be shared.

I'm friends with a lot of people on Facebook that I've never actually met in person, or held an in person conversation with, I'm sure a lot of readers can relate to this statement, given how Facebook helps us network. But for all the down and depressing stuff I see on any given day, occasionally I find posts from friends I've never met, that absolutely take me by surprise. Surprise so overwhelmingly happy that there is no way I'm able to stop my tears flowing as I read what one had posted. Not a reposted meme, or copy of someone else's words, this was different. Tom's post, in his own words, brought me to tears, because I needed its message today. I needed to hear from someone who I don't live with, or am not related to that I'm fine just the way I am, and that there are a lot of people who agree with his words.

I should note that I know "of" Tom. I've seen him at events, and we've even talked through posts on Facebook, but I don't recall ever having actually MET him, even despite this, I consider him a good friend, in part for no other reason than the quality of the posts he makes. Posts like the one that made me cry silent tears, of happy thanks.

Because my readers need to hear this message, regardless of gender, regardless of whether you're on Facebook or not, you need to read this. Should you like to read, or comment on it directly on Facebook the post can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/tom.nadratowski.9/posts/10152290629266844

Please share. Please ensure all credit for the words go to Tom. I am well aware my own words are paltry in comparison, and I'm okay with that, but I wanted others to see his post, not just those on Facebook.

Its nice to know there's still some who appreciate real, true beauty, and it comes in all forms, not just what Hollyweird tries to force down your throats.


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