Thirty Days of Thankfulness: Day 1

Some of you will read this post and go 'oh great more cat stuff'. You can move along now if you agree. No really I mean it.

Some of my friends on facebook are doing this 30 days of thankfulness thing. I wanted a more lasting record of mine. Maybe that's selfish of me, or maybe there's another reason.

For day 1 of the 30, I want to thank a very special 'person' who picked ME to be his one and only. Person is in quotes because the guy I speak of has four legs and a tail. But he picked me to save him. I'm thankful for Biggie (Bigshot Cat/Biggie Foster on facebook). My 14lb tub of dense cat, in every sense of the word. I adore his goofy, not-quite-all-there mentality, his massive quantity of DERP, his belief that he's still a tiny 7lb kitten. (He was 7lbs when I got him at age 4-but very underweight for his body type/size). I'm thankful he's the most endearing, large, lovable, fat, kind, accepting animal I've ever met. He loves pretty much everyone. Not quite, but most everyone he meets he loves, mostly because people are willing to pet him (which he adores).

I love that he puts up with all the torment and harassment I put him through. In the form of other cats, playing with his ears, his feet, his nose, his tail, his belly, and for letting me dress him up, and letting others put random stuff on him and he holds still so well for all of it. I'm thankful that he has a kisses button - you rub his middle or his back by his tail and he will give you kisses - even on my worst day he's a bright ray of derpy sunshine that helps me not to strangle the living snot out of those who irritate me.

So Biggie - this day is yours. I'm thankful for you being in my life, for reminding me what it is to love everyone, regardless of their fuzzy status or not, and for being there to hold me down when I apparently need to be smothered (and for being a hat when I really don't need one indoors, while I'm sleeping).

I'm also thankful you no longer bring me live gifts in bed. (Twice was enough, heck once was enough but you did it twice just to be sure).

So Biggie - Thank you.

(and now gratuitous cat photos - you can see more on his facebook page here:


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