Announcing: Frequent Buyer Program

I've been contemplating doing a program like this for some time. Due to Etsy without warning closing my shop down earlier this month - I am unable to credit those who made PAID purchases on etsy properly. I believe there were only 4-5 of you - and not all of you are readers here. If you remember a paid purchase in 2012 prior to July please poke me via email at: - and remind me (a paypal transaction # would be greatly helpful so I can properly credit you).

Frequent Buyer Program for FrawgzDezignz

Necklace or Simple Chain Program - Earn $1.00 per $50 spent after sales/before shipping - redeemable starting at $5.00.

Bracelet Buyer Program: Purchase only bracelets and receive $0.05 credit per dollar you spend on bracelets credit for every $50 you spend on bracelets redeemable at $5.00 credit earned. $5.00 credit can be used in conjunction WITH other specials.

Earring Buyer Program: Purchase only earrings and receive $0.06 per dollar you spend on earrings  (after discounts, before shipping costs)- redeemable at $6.00 credit earned. $6.00 credit can be used in conjunction WITH other specials.

Frequent Fractal Buyer: Purchase any fractal and earn $.08 per dollar spent (after discounts, before shipping costs) - redeemable at $8.00 credit earned - credit can be used WITH other specials.

Credits will be applied by me to your account with my records system based on total amount paid AFTER discounts are applied and before any shipping is factored in.

Purchase $35 bracelet - with 35% off coupon - price paid is $22.75 - credit is applied at $2.28 (rounded up)
Purchase $100 in fractals - without any discount - price paid is $100 - credit is applied at $8.00
Purchase 2 pair earrings at $25.00 w/30% off coupon - price paid is $35 total - credit is applied at $2.10
If you purchase multiple items - you will be credited per each program. Program totals will not combine.

Ex: - purchase $25 pair earrings, $35 bracelet & $25 in fractals - you will receive credit for: $1.50 for the earring program; $1.75 for the bracelet program, and $2 for the fractal program.

Rewards from each program must be used within 12 months (365 days) of date of original purchase or they will expire. Rewards will roll over until used - except after that 365 day deadline.

Each customer will receive a unique email with their rewards card # contained therein. Please retain this email and each subsequent email containing your rewards information for your own records.

Subject to changes at any time with or without notice by frawgzdezignz.

*Credits used for in-shop credit ONLY and are not redeemable for cash*


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