Pin from FB Bypass

Here's a quick and dirty tutorial on how to bypass the error message for using pintrest with facebook.

Step 1 - make sure you have the PIN IT button on your browser bookmark bar  - you can get it from here: Pin-mark-let

Step 2 - choose the image you want to pin (for this purpose I'm going to pin from someone else's facebook to a public pin board set up on pintrest by Craft Cafe) - to show its not just my images that this can be done with.

Step 3 - Right click image - show in new tab/open in new tab/view in new tab - depending on your browser will depend on how its named:

Step 4 - move to new tab with image opened:
(see the change in the URL for the image)

Step 5 - click the PIN IT button -
you will probably get an error saying the page is unsafe - click the load anyway button - its just changing you from https to regular http its not a malicious code or anything (pintrest doesn't run a secure server so that's why you get the message).

Step 6 - After you click the PIN IT button, and the load anyway button you MAY get this next screen or you may have to click the PIN IT button again...either way you should end up with this:

Step 7 - click the PIN IT button on the photo and you should get this:

Step 8 - go back to the original image and copy the facebook address of the image and any info the image contains - the example I used here does not have any extra info - so it'll just be the address for the item on fb:

Step 8a - just me showing how I've copied the info in the highlighted URL bar in the image above this^ to the pintrest edit pin box:

Step 9 - I've clicked the PIN IT button again and I get this:

Step 10 - see your pin - click the SEE YOUR PIN button in the box you got above to open the pin on pinterest

That's it :) *note* I did change the board I had pinned this to after I realized I stuck it on the wrong board - everything else remains the same.


Pam said...

Going to try this! Thank you!

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