Help us get our 12 indoor and 12 feral colony cats spayed/neutered

Several months ago I wrote a blog about the kittens we brought in from outside in July of 2011. Those kittens are now 9 months old. We already own 7 cats of our own, the costs for caring for these extra cats is costing us hundreds more per month. Because we care for these animals and don't want to see them hurt or worse killed by local humane society we've chosen to keep them all until we can find furever homes for them.

The problem is, is that they're all old enough to get pregnant now and we don't have any extra money to put towards getting any of them spayed or neutered. That's why I'm asking for your help. Every little bit helps. Every purchase from my chainmaille business goes toward helping keep them in food, litter and regular vet care but now we need to get 12 of the 13 kittens fixed. One of them has a sponsor and has agreed to adopt the kitten in question, so her needs are taken care of at this time. But 11 other cats need your help.

In addition we're also responsible for the colony of strays that more or less live in our backyard. There were just 7 of them up until a couple weeks ago now we're facing almost a dozen cats that are feral/strays - they'll come up to the house to eat and some will come within a few feet of you when you call to them but some stay 50' plus away until the food is out and then they come up and eat. There's a new neighbor with two large dogs, and other neighbors have shot at anything stray in the area before. The costs to get 12 feral/stray cats fixed is $33 per cat and includes: Spay/neuter surgery, ear tip for feral cats, and rabies vaccination or $396. Plus we would need to purchase at least one if not two live-humane traps for catching the cats. I've only seen them for sale at two places locally one for $35+ tax the other for over $50+tax.

I understand times are hard but we've become a no-kill cat shelter without meaning to - because others are careless and heartless and drop their unwanted animals off in our neighborhood leading to even more litters. Once these cats are taken care of we'll be starting up another drive to help the strays in the yard get taken care of.

We've been told by the town and county "They're your responsibility you need to get them taken care of." We've been told by the local humane society "If you don't want the animal, take it home and shoot it." We won't do that. We love cats too much.

We've had people promise to give us information on getting our outside colony under control and then those people never deliver on their promises of information.

The fee to get every cat inside fixed is $33 for the spay/neuter + $12 per cat for rabies vaccination. $45 per cat or $540.00

The total we'd need to raise to take care of all 2 dozen cats is $981. I know its a lot and we don't have to do it all right now. One cat at a time will help. If everyone who read even one post on this blog in the last year donates $1 we'll have met the goal and then some. Any extra donated over what we do not use for the cats we currently have at the time the money comes in will be donated to Pets Alive Bloomington which is the clinic where all these cats will be taken for their surgeries. They operate solely off of donated funds and any extra would go a long way to helping keep the cat population down.

Can you help? Below you'll find the chip-in widget that let's you donate through paypal. If you can't donate would you consider sharing this blog with your friends & family who might be able to help?

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 Frawggie - who really hates to ask but we need help.


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