Review: Farm Hussy Home for the Hollow-days Room Spray

This item was received through my November/December SamplerVillage - Lavish box. I qualified for a free charming box because I sent in 100 samples but I upgraded and paid an additional $25 to get the Lavish box - which means more samples.
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Item to be reviewed: Farm Hussy “Home for the Hollow-Days” Room & linen spray “Santa’s Pipe” scent.

Price: -$6.75 for 5oz bottle

Customer service:  I took this spray with me one day to share with a friend who I thought would like the scent. Said friend wanted to know if the scent was limited edition or if it was still available and could it be made as a room fragrance AND as a body spray/cologne type. I got on the farm hussy-facebook group and asked. Julie Chandler the woman who runs farm hussy responded quickly. There is a men’s body fragrance as well as a room spray and she was going to go add the santa’s pipe fragrance back to the website just because I asked about it. She only removes scents when they’re not requested for a  while.

Item name
: Home for the Hollow-days room & linen spray
Seller's description of scent: This isn’t on the website yet but she said she would be adding it in a day or so. As the owner of the company is due to undergo surgery soon I’m not in a huge urge to push her on the scent or anything else. Life comes first.

What it smelled like:
Rich, warm tobacco, leather, and the smell of comfort I could find in the arms of my grandfather as a child. Slightly spicy with a the tiniest kiss of vanilla and a cherry kind of overtone. 

Global review: I’ve never wanted to thank a business for making me cry before, but I had to share this story with the owner of Farm Hussy, and I’ll share it with you. This wonderful scent made me cry when I first unwrapped the package and removed the cap. Happy tears though. Not like it smelled of rotten onions. No on the contrary this scent brought back memories of my grandfather who smoked a pipe at Christmas time and no other time. My grandfather died in 1993 – I was 16. Half of my life ago, it brought me back to a time when I could sit on his lap and watch old westerns with him in the dead of winter in NY, while the woodstove popped and crackled in the background. I was a night owl even as a kid and so was he. We’d sit up and watch John Wayne movies on TV while he smoked his pipe and I’d sit on his lap so I could see the TV clearly. I miss those innocent times. This room spray is like someone bottled my grandfather. I couldn’t be happier if I tried. I’ll be ordering more that’s for sure.

Packaging/wrapping:  The packaging is typical of a small bottle of liquid room & linen spray as far as packaging goes. It’s the labeling that’s unique and only adds to many of the things I love about Farm Hussy products. It’s a 2.6 fl oz plastic bottle with black spray cap and clear sprayer cover. The label lists ingredients, a simple warning “May contain colorants. Keep away from broken skin, and eye area.” “please recycle” with the little recycle symbol underneath. The main label area has a clipart rendition of a clapboard farm house with a Christmas tree in the front window, garland on the porch and a wreath on the door. There’s a snowman in front of the house. To the right of the house is the fragrance “Santa’s Pipe”. Further to the right are the instructions “Directions: Shake well. (the bottle, not you silly)! Spray lightly over living areas needing glad tidings and joy…
Below this in red reads “Not edible or tasty. Not tested on animals, not even my cat.” That little bit made me laugh. That’s one thing you’ll notice about the Farm Hussy website and the facebook group.
Ingredients: Distilled water, surfactant, polysorbate20, dipropylene glycol, glycerin, DMDM hydantoin, butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) and fragrance oils.
Testing: I honestly haven’t tested this yet because I was so afraid it wasn’t going to be available again and I’d never be able to get more of this fragrance so I haven’t yet but the scent in the bottle alone is enough to make me want more. That’s enough for me.

Pros: the scent and the memories it evokes for me are enough but the website, the humorous descriptions of both product and scents. Everything is just wonderful and customer service is top notch.

Cons:  None that I can think of

Overall result:
10 of 10 - from someone very proud to be a hussy.



pammy said...

Great review Carrie.
I love that you care so much detail.
The farm hussy product sound amazing from everything i have heard.I definitely need to try them soon.
It's always nice when you find a scent that reminds you of something from your childhood.

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