A Note About Reviews

I wanted to take a moment to address something that has come up in a number of facebook groups I belong to, and that is the topic of review blogs. This blog will contain many other topics besides just my opinions of products, there might be: tutorials for a particular fractal program, sharing a pattern for something crafty, a recipe and even other opinion pieces written by yours truly.

But this particular post I want to address the issue of what I've seen a growing trend of, bloggers who review things ONLY because they pestered the producer(s) of said products into giving them something for free. This is a pet peeve of mine. I see friends who make cosmetics, bath products, scented items and edibles all being hounded every day or two with pleas of "send me samples (or worse - full size products) of yours and I'll review them on my blog," only to have some of them send the requester the samples they asked for and never hearing a word back, nor seeing anything remotely review like on the person's blog. This to me is just plain rude. I know times are tough and money is tight but really, if you want something for free and aren't going to actually do the review, just save yourself the effort and don't copy & paste the same message to 20 people who probably know each other online - all with the same begging tone. It makes bloggers who do this look desperate.

I will NEVER ask a company for free product to review. If I want to review their product I'll buy it. If a company or small business wants me to do a critique/review of their product they will contact me and offer it. I will NOT ask, beg, or otherwise pander or harass any seller about giving me free stuff to try only to never review it.

All of the samples I review will come from sample boxes - most likely those I earn by being a 100 Sample Club member at SamplerVillage - this means I as the creative genius behind FrawgzDezignz make by hand 100 samples which qualifies me to receive a free charming sample box that month. Those 100 samples I send in, help to expand my brand awareness and potentially bring new customers to my shop(s). Thereby not only promoting myself but getting something in return for which I can offer reviews that hopefully lead to more sales for other small businesses.

If I'm reviewing a commercial product or non-sample sized item, it will be an item that I have paid for out of my income. Blogging is not my whole life, I have a business, an herd of cats and a life outside of the internet (yes it is possible), that said I can't always guarantee a speedy review time. I have 19 reviews sitting in half finished stages on my dashboard - I'm slowly getting them all edited for spelling, grammar and photos if possible. But other things happen, to me if I begged for free items I wouldn't be doing the producer any favors because I don't always know when I'll be able to do a review. Sometimes free time appears out of nowhere and I take advantage of it. Sometimes a week or more may go by and I don't have time or the internet hates me or whatever.

All of that said, if by some chance a company requested that I review their products, at their discretion they may offer to send something to me - if they so choose. I will not turn down free items but I won't beg or harass sellers for them. If your business falls into this last category - email me yourselves - frawgz.dezignz@gmail.com (there is a . in there make sure to copy & paste).

Back to your regularly scheduled insomnia - oh wait that's my schedule not yours.


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