Kitten update - whoooboy - 2 more

There was a reason we were supposed to wait until later to feed the kitties outside today. At around 8pm I went out to look and see which adults were milling about looking for food, and upon the haybales on the back porch (nearly 3.5' up off the ground) I see a little gray lump - at first I thought they'd caught one of the squirrels or something and it was laying there. Then part of the lump moved...I ran outside to hell with what cats were there and found - yep - 2 more kittens. These two are much much larger than even little Thor was when we found him.
They're both warm, appear to be female, and are older gestationally than Thor & company were. Of the two one had already shed its cord so that means they're around 4-5 days old. Given that timeline these guys were born sometime on Tues/Wednesday, and the momma kitty who we think is "Scarbaby" a little gray kitty herself who had an eye injury very early on in her own life - has a little tiny scar under one eye and looks different from all the others in the face from her own litter; has gone to check on them since. We think that momma knew something was wrong with the first four or that they wouldn't make it and lef them up by the house; retreated to the safety of the back shed that's locked but animal accessible, and then rested for a couple of days and gave birth more recently to these new 2 adorable fuzzins.

Since they've not been up around the porch - believe me I've looked for 'others'. Its likely they were in the safety, warmth & dryness of the shed until mom decided to move them to the porch for some reason. They were up on they haybale and safe snuggled up to each other.

We put the cat carrier back outside with a fresh clean blanket in it and put the kittens in there, out of harms way, momma can clearly hear them and she knows that carrier has been there before. Plus the carrier provides a little extra shelter given we're forecast for rain tonight/tomorrow if its not already here.

So here's hoping these two new little ones survive long enough for us to get them a safe permanent home:)

I'll try to get photos tomorrow when I've had sleep and can remember to put things like the mem card & battery in my camera before taking it outside.

-frawggie - the nervous


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