In Memorium - Raymond E Stearns

Command Sergeant Major ret. Raymond Edward Stearns August 13, 1933 - February 8, 2011. This is in his honor.

I only knew him 10 months and 3 days. I can only knew him this short time and yet I miss him so much, he's not family but he is. He was papaw to everyone who knew him as family, a soldier, their hero.

He was never boastful of his service to this country. He didn't need to be. He knew what he did, he helped everyone he came in contact with. I am no exception. He was there to offer a kind word, support and ice when I broke my ankle. He was the rock and solid foundation of his entire family - biological or not. The keystone of this family is in Heaven now. Others can only wish to be the kind, compassionate, caring, loving, sweet man that he was. His family and friends will miss him terribly, they already do. I'm a part of those missing him. His quiet strength shone through even near the end. The last time I saw him he said simply, "I love you." Not family and still the man loved me like one of his grand kids & I returned that love.

This list is in his honor, my utmost respect to a man I wish I'd met earlier than I did.

Tonight's soundtrack is in honor of Command Sergeant Major ret. Raymond Edward Stearns - US Army - August 13, 1933 - February 08, 2011. Be proud of what you did, be proud of who you were in life, be proud in Heaven of who and what you are to your family. I know you're standing proud and tall tonight, in your uniform, forever on a faithful watch of those you held most dear. He may no longer walk this earth, but he is free from pain, walking the streets of heaven on eternal leave. You've done your duty well sir, at ease soldier.
Rest in peace papaw.

These songs and the respective videos are my way of paying tribute to a decorated soldier, loving family man, and good friend to many. I can only hope that if you're going through pain that these songs help you as much as they have me.

In no particular order: (videos are posted only so you can hear the songs - I never even looked at the comments on them just the music, no offense is intended in any way)

Citizen Reign - Fight For Me
Matthew West - Save a Place for Me
Jon Foreman - Learning How to Die
Keni Thomas - Hero
Keni Thomas - Fight I Couldn't Win
Keni Thomas - Last Band of Brothers
Karmina - Walk you Home
Ronnie Kimball - Liberty
Dustin Evans - If I Die Before You Wake
The Ten Tenors - Here's to the Heroes
Marta Keen - Homeward Bound - BYU Choir
Mary White - Men Like My Son
Avril Lavigne - Slipped Away
Black Label Society - In This River
Mansions of the Lord from "We Were Soldiers"
Voices To Courage
Goodnight Soldier
A Daughter's Prayer - Mary Lynn
What A Soldier Left Behind
David Cook - Light On
Five For Fighting - Freedom Never Cries
Before You Go - Proceeds go to Veterans Charities
Taylor Hicks - Do I Make You Proud?
Honor To Serve
Ghosts of Freedom - Iced Earth
A Hero Fell Today - Patriot Guard Riders "theme song"
Angel By My Side

Other songs I love that have helped me this week:
Joshua Radin - No Envy No Fear
Joshua Radin - Will's Lullaby
Chantal Kreviazuk - Feels Like Home
Kutless - Grace & Love
Pillar - Will You Be There
Keni Thomas - In God's Hands
Keni Thomas - Not Me

and so many more...but its now time for me to sleep. Keni's singing me to sleep with the next to the last song. "Its in God's Hands Now..."

Rest in peace soldier.


Anonymous said...

This is sweet and a wonderful tribute. May he rest in peace.

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