Pardon the Dustbunnies

But they're beneficial and I've decided to start feeding them. In all seriousness I've decided that it was time for a change to the blog design and as such I've gone ahead and picked a new theme, implemented it, but I do plan on revamping the entire site over time to be my own. As some of you can tell I've revamped the main theme, re-arranged the layout, and changed the header to be brand specific.

I've got plans to revitalize the sidebars to match and include relevant information. I hope to soon offer ad-space for other businesses that I refer to their site through the ad space in the upper left corner - if you're at all interested in doing this let me know.

I am teaching myself xml as I go along and if the site appears broken or if somethings re-arrange each time you refresh it means I'm trying to figure something out and to just be patient while I figure out what the heck it is I'm trying to do. If you're familiar with linking sites for advertising space - please drop me a comment or send an email to: and let me know how to do it - I'll gladly take the help.

I hope to get this site revamped to where its functional, easy to use, and fun to visit. You'll be seeing updates from me at least once a week with my fractal art progression. My lone New Year's Resolution was to continue my fractal education by doing at least one tutorial a week for the entire year. You're welcome to follow along and post your creations in the comments section - link to your blog, deviantart, etc I'd love to see other people's work too!

As for the dust bunnies, they're friendly, I haven't yet trained any of them as attack bunnies or as guard bunnies, they're merely here to give the place character and irritate your allergies. */sarcasm*



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