Welcome to my Blog

Hello all, I wanted to take a moment to introduce this new blog and give people a chance to follow it if they so chose.

Topics that will be covered here will be varied and may include anything from jewelry, business tips, etsy sightings, reviews of friends & fellow artisans works, and much more. Topics may get adult in nature that's why there's an adult content warning when you visit just to be sure no one complains later that I didn't warn them if I used colorful language.

Today I have a few blogs planned. The very next one in fact many who will eventually read this blog regularly are probably either going to ask "why didn't you post something like that somewhere a LONG time ago, or why are you bothering to do it now?" The answer will come in the blog.

As a note - due to past problems that will be dealt with very soon - all comments are moderated. I simply don't want ANYONE bringing unnecessary drama to this blog. I want this to be a positive, inspiring, laid back and hopefully fun place for people to read & hang out.

I may invite a guest blogger now & then as well. If you're interested leave me a comment and I'll get back to you!

Enjoy your early afternoon if you're on the east coast. I'm turning off the computer for an hour and spending quality time with my camera & light box. Post #2 will be done shortly after photos are edited.


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